Like Having a Doctor in the Family

 Our family practice clinic takes pride in treating our patients with the attention and care they deserve. We are not a typical doctor’s office – we like to invest time to get to know our patients, their lifestyles, and support them through their journey to reaching their optimal health. Our practice was established with a mission to keep healthcare personal, easily accessible, and affordable. Therefore, we offer patients Direct Care Membership, which covers all primary care services performed at our office for an affordable monthly membership fee. 


In a traditional practice, a doctor may care for a few thousand patients and at times only interacts with them during quick office visits. In our practice, we limit the number of patients enrolled and offer longer, unhurried office visits in order to invest time in getting to know you. Most importantly, patients are able to access their doctor – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. This patient-centered approach to healthcare is known as direct primary care. 


What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an alternative payment model for primary care services. This innovative form of healthcare is centered on creating a meaningful patient experience by caring and coaching patients to their optimal health. In Direct Primary Care we work directly with you and do not bill insurances for services. Patients who have high deductibles and are looking for an affordable option to receiving primary care services find direct primary care a great solution with countless benefits. We believe that healthcare should always put the patient first; therefore medical decisions are based upon your health needs, not the insurance industry. Your personal physician will be there for you to offer one-on-one support whenever you need it.


Direct Care Membership benefits include:

 Convenience and Access


    Unlimited Office and Virtual Visits

   24/7 access to your personal family physician by phone

    Unhurried, relaxed 30 to 60 minute appointments 

    Fewer delays and waiting time

    Walk-ins and same day appointments


Compassionate and Direct Care


    Coordination of care with other physicians and specialists

    Rapid responses from our experienced staff and the doctor

    No insurance involved to dictate your care


Affordable and Cost Transparent


    No co-pay, co-insurance or deductibles

    No long-term contracts, no registration fees 

    No cancellation fees if you can’t make your appointment

     Cancel membership anytime with 30 day notice prior to next payment


Insurance Instead of Membership (Non-Members)

We believe that patients should be given a choice on how they pay for their healthcare. That is why our practice also accepts patients who prefer to use their insurance plan for primary care services instead of becoming a Direct Care member. Unlike Direct Care Membership, services performed at our office will be billed to your insurance plan.

Please note that not all services in the Direct Care Membership will be offered for non-members (e.g. virtual visits), though the same high quality of primary care will always be provided. We accept major PPO plans but advise you to contact our office at (425) 697-2100 to verify if we accept your insurance plan or if we are out-of-network.