Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from patients.

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How is your direct care practice different from a traditional practice?

Our Direct Care practice is a membership-based, primary care practice that is committed to delivering patients exclusive and personalized medical care. In a traditional practice, a doctor may care for a few thousand patients and at times only interacts with patients during quick office visits. In our practice, we limit the number of patients enrolled and offer longer, unhurried office visits in order to invest time in getting to know patients and their families. Most importantly, patients are able to contact their doctor – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

We believe that healthcare should always put the patient first; therefore medical decisions are based upon your health needs, not the insurance industry. Our model of practice allows us to respond to your needs in a timely manner, advocate on your behalf and coordinate your care with top specialists in the area.

What does the membership fee cover?

The monthly membership fee covers for services we perform in the office. Membership also covers numerous amenities and services that most insurance plans will not reimburse, allowing us to deliver an exceptional patient-focused style of primary care. Please see the Services & Rates for a full list.

What is not covered in the membership fee?

The membership fee does not cover services performed outside of our office. These may include certain lab tests, diagnostic procedures (X-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI scans, etc), hospital visits, and consultations with specialists we may refer you to. We recommend that you carry health insurance to provide coverage for these services. Outside of our office, you will still be responsible for charges occurred, such as hospital bills and prescriptions. We suggest you discuss your coverage needs with your insurance provider.

Is there a limit on how many times I can see the doctor?

There is no limit. You may see your doctor as often as is medically necessary.

Do I pay each time I see the doctor as well?

No. Office visits are included in the membership fee.

Is Direct Care a type of health insurance?

No. Direct Care Membership is not insurance. We work directly with you and provide direct primary care services. Your monthly membership fee pay for the services we provide in the office. We do not bill any insurance for services we provide to Direct Care members and our fees are not reimbursable by any health insurance company and may not be applied to insurance plan deductibles.

Do I need medical insurance if I join Edmonds Health Clinic Direct Care?

No, but we strongly recommend that you carry health insurance to provide coverage for services not performed in our office and not covered in the membership fee. Outside of our office, you will still be responsible for charges, such as hospital bills, medications, diagnostic procedures, laboratory test performed at other laboratories, and consultations with other providers we may refer you to. Traditional fee-for-service or preferred provider organization (PPO) plans tend to work best with Direct Care – this allows you to schedule appointments with specialists that do not require your primary care physician to be in their network. We suggest that you discuss your coverage needs with your insurance provider.

Is the membership fee tax-deductible?

Not at this time. However, legislators are working on this and have introduced a bill to the Senate Finance Committee, which would potentially allow tax deductions for direct primary care fees.

How do I pay the membership fee?

We require that you set up recurring electronic payments for your monthly  membership fee. 

Will insurance cover the membership fee?

We do not bill insurance for services we provide to Direct Care members.

What if I am hospitalized?

Your doctor will work closely with your admitting team to coordinate care and advocate for you during your hospital stay.

What if I get sick or injured while out of town/state?

Direct Care has no borders. As soon as we know about your condition, we’ll be on the phone with your out of town/state medical team. And once you get back to Washington, we will we see you at the office immediately for a follow-up evaluation of your condition.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

You may cancel anytime – there are no contracts or cancellation fees to ending your Direct Care Membership. However, we require a 30 day written notification prior to your next month billing due date.

What if I have cancelled my membership but would like to become a Direct Care member again?

If you would like to become a Direct Care member again, you will need to re-register and pay a non-refundable $200 re-enrollment fee per patient. 

If I see the doctor more frequently or require extensive services, will my membership fee increase?

Never. Your membership fee will never be influenced by your health or illness. We want to make sure you get well soon and are not burdened by accruing charges, which normally occur in fee-for-service traditional practice.

Can I temporarily freeze my monthly membership?

Unfortunately, no. If you no longer want to continue your membership, you will need to cancel. To cancel your monthly membership, we require a written notice 30 days prior to your next monthly billing due date. If you would like to return back as a member you will need to re-register and pay a non-refundable $150.00 re-enrollment fee per patient.

Can I meet the physician before joining the practice?

Certainly. Call our office at (425) 697-2100 to schedule a visit with the doctor and meet our staff and to see if Direct Care Membership is a right fit for you.

What if I prefer using my insurance instead of becoming a Direct Care member?

We are happy to see patients who prefer using their insurance instead of becoming a Direct Care Member. Please check with our office to see if we accept your insurance health plan. Please note that there may be some services which are not provided for non-members.